LFG! w3.vision 2023
LFG! w3.vision 2023
LFG! w3.vision 2023
LFG! w3.vision 2023
LFG! w3.vision 2023
LFG! w3.vision 2023
LFG! w3.vision 2023
LFG! w3.vision 2023
LFG! w3.vision 2023
LFG! w3.vision 2023
Fueling Web3 straight from Berlin.
We're an Early stage Web3 Venture Capital Fund that supports the growth of the Web3 ecosystem with community, content, and cash.

Our believe is that digital ownership and decentralization will flip the current paradigm of the internet from accumulating value in tech monopolies to distributing value to users.

Besides that we're creating community events, media and running a Co-Working & Community space in Berlin.
Our Portfolio & Funds
Fund 1: Ventures
Deal focus
Equity and tokens in Web3 startups and DAOs.
Fund 2: Coming Soon...
w3.hub – Berlin's Place for Web3 Builders & Brands
We are rolling out an exclusive membership program for the brightest minds in Web3.
What you get
- Co-Working opportunities for companies & individuals [flex desks or fixed office spaces]
- Event & team off-site space to boost value exchange
- Regular meet-ups / workshops / exhibitions
- Connections to investors, institutions, brands & Web3 talents
Learn more
w3.pizza meetups
Join us on the 20th of April in the w3.hub Berlin for our next w3.pizza event.
With w3.pizza we gather the Web3 community around the world. We bring together like-minded people with the same passion for the topic Web3.
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Our weekly news podcast
Our podcast is designed so that you will never miss the most important happenings of the Web3 space.

Therefore, Vicky and Marvin are discussing the hottest Web3 topics weekly, focusing on providing you with the most relevant insights.
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German Web3 ecosystem map
We are building a comprehensive, always up-to-date database of all registered Web3 projects in the DACH space.
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We're building a unique Web3 ecosystem – are you in?
Our mission is to empower everyone to participate in Web3.
As we have some open positions and are hiring, you can directly do it with us.

Check out our job-board and find out if you are a good fit!

Feel free to approach us directly in case there is no matching offer.
Our open positions