w3.vision 2022 speaker
During the two days we invite the brightest minds from the scene to discuss the future of NFTs, blockchain, and all things metaverse.
Evgeniy Medvedev
Head of Partnerships
Diego Borgo
Metaverse and NFT advisor
Fortune 500 Companies
Michael Wild
Managing Director Germany
Matt Sypien aka Digi
Toan Nguyen
Founder & Managing Director
Jung von Matt NERD
Peter Grosskopf
Co-Founder & CTO
‍‍Unstoppable Finance
Rebecca Miller
Bright Moments DAO
Jürgen Alker
Head of NFT Studio
Roman Rolnik
Partner, NFT Advisor
Among Capital
Gerald Heydenreich
Claudio Schneider
Founder Member & Steering Committee
Dr. Annette Doms
Co-Founder & Head of Curation
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Impressions from w3.vision ’22
w3.pizza x Pile, Berlin
w3.pizza x Pile, Berlin
w3.pizza x Pile, Berlin
w3.pizza x Pile, Berlin
w3.pizza x Pile, Berlin
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All w3.vision 2022 speeches
We have recorded all speeches of the w3.vision for you. From Brands in Web3, Gaming to Fine Art, everything was discussed.

Go check it out and watch the speeches if you haven’t been able to participate in 2022’s edition.
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3 reasons to join w3.vision
w3.vision is not your average Web3 conference. We pop the bubble to make room for exciting discussion between Web3 builders and the world’s biggest brands.
Bridging two worlds
Web3 needs brands to enter the space – and vice versa. Together we’ll build awesome stuff and pave the way for long-term success.
Web3 is changing, all the time. Get your insights straight from the source and connect with the friendly people shaping the space.
Community first
In Web3, the community is what glues it all together. Our tight-knit community of builders, creators, and Web2 brands are constantly fueling each other and revolutionizing internet culture together.
DMEXCO Partners
Let's explore
The Power of NFTs
Non-fungible tokens represent digital ownership, and the possibilities are endless. NFT utility will unfold in countless ways and transform our lives in all areas.
The magic behind
Blockchain technology and decentralization are the backbones of web3, dictating the creation of a new internet culture. Thus, it’s important to discuss its fundamentals and dive into the magic going on behind the scenes.
Community is Key
Communities are at the heart of Web3. No project survives without the right people collaborating, supporting and cheering each other on. WAGMI (we’re all gonna make it) is our religion.
Metaverse Hype
The metaverse is a playground that connects both, the physical and the digital world. As a virtual experience, the metaverse allows you to engage with thriving communities and like-minded people (and much more).
Gamified Brands
Blockchain technology is heavily disrupting the traditional gaming industry with a growing number of brands using NFTs as a gamification mechanism.
Fashion Revolution
RTFTK x Nike, adidas Originals into the Metaverse, DRESSX ... Fashion brands are massively engaging in digital fashion and NFTs. Digital sneakers, skins, and accessories will become the new flex.
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